Media management


Specially tailored to your processes - creating a workflow concept

Coordinating projects for all those involved in the process, carrying them out in a safe and economical way according to an individual media workflow.

 • Target-performance analysis
 • Project planning
 • Decision
 • Functional specification
 • Implementation
 • Success monitoring
 • Optimisation
 • Effective project management

In the early stages of creating a concept, all facts are recorded in detail. All those involved in the process must cooperate in this. As part of project management, we are happy to coordinate individual project phases and ensure that the process runs smoothly.

In this, it is not relevant whether the project size is just an individual packaging/printing task, or a complete relaunch. Using a structured procedure, the Media Manager, a software product we have developed ourselves, ensures that the project's status is constantly updated and that all those involved in the process have the best possible information at all times. Each "irregularity" is automatically registered and sent to the departments responsible via e-mail.

Effective project management

Short product cycles, promotional campaigns, frequent updates of content, complex approval processes – these are the challenges presented by packaging manufacture. Efficient product and media data management are a crucial instrument in this. Combined with high performance project management for controlling and monitoring every process step, the Media Manager supports our day-to-day work.

The Media Manager is a modular system which is based on established Internet technology consisting of the components Document Management System (DMS), Project Management System (PMS) and Product Information Management (PIM). These three components manage all the necessary information and monitor timescales. Extensive projects can be planned in a very short space of time, including organising documents and diagrams in a project-oriented way. The relevant information for this is distributed to all those involved at just the click of a mouse.

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